Caring for the future by working hard today.

I’m a mother, teacher, and city councilor in Northfield. I’ve lived in this wonderful community with my husband, children, and rescue dogs for 20 years. In my roles as a parent, teacher, and public servant, I’ve had the privilege of working alongside many of my neighbors and community members. I’ve also seen the critical issues they face every day related to housing, healthcare, childcare, and more. I look forward to learning more about the issues that are important to you, and am ready to listen, work hard, and advocate for you as your state senator in District 58.

Values & Issues

Today, we face many urgent issues, including the pressing need to fully fund our schools, to develop sustainable energy policies, and to improve access to affordable healthcare. As a Northfield City Councilor, I’ve worked hard to advance many important housing and infrastructure projects, and to create an ambitious Climate Action Plan. As your state senator, I will continue to work hard to ensure that all families have a safe, dignified home, healthcare that’s there when they need it, excellent public schools, and the opportunity to build a good life in this beautiful district.

Meet Clarice Grabau

As a parent and a longtime Northfield resident, I strongly believe all people have a right to quality healthcare and education, safe and affordable housing, and equal opportunities and protections. 

As a public servant and a licensed teacher in the Northfield and Farmington school districts, I have seen firsthand how important and transformative education can be in a person’s life. In teaching adults who are learning to read or are earning their high school credential — people who are working hard to improve their lives and to make life better for their children — I have seen firsthand the struggles many folks face related to housing, childcare, and healthcare. 

These personal and professional experiences have driven me to do more, and as your Senator in District 58, I’ll continue to advocate for my constituents. Together, we can advance meaningful policies related to climate, housing, infrastructure, and a caring economy that supports and improves people’s lives.