Strong Schools

As a parent and a teacher, I have seen firsthand how transformative education can be in a person’s life and know how critical it is that we support our schools. Whether it is fixing the special education cross subsidy, providing much needed mental health services, or enabling schools to maintain small class sizes, every child deserves to have an equal opportunity to reach their full potential and to see themselves reflected in their teachers.

A Robust Economy

From small businesses to family farms, we all benefit from a productive, thriving local economy. As your State Senator, I will press for policies that strengthen our state’s economic prosperity, advance affordable housing initiatives, increase childcare and early education opportunities, and increase access to affordable healthcare so that working families, childcare providers, and businesses can grow and prosper.

I will also work for job training and retention programs to support a skilled workforce that can continue to drive a strong local economy. Progress requires growth and adaptability, and I will work to advance forward-thinking policies and support individuals and communities as we grow a sustainable economy and care for our future.

Climate Action

From costly flooding to changing crop seasons, the science is clear that climate change is here and we are experiencing its effects on our health, infrastructure, and economy every day. In order to minimize the impacts of increasingly unpredictable weather events, we need bold and sustainable policies that address the underlying causes. 

Taking action requires concerted, coordinated effort by cities, states, and federal agencies, and we need to do our part to enact forward-thinking policies that support people and communities in the transition to a sustainable future.

Healthcare Access

Every Minnesotan deserves equal access to quality, affordable healthcare that is available when they need it, regardless of employment status. Families, like mine, who live with chronic medical conditions understand all too well how difficult it can be to navigate the healthcare system and how stressful it is to worry about whether health insurance will cover the cost of treatment or prescriptions. I will fight to ensure access to quality care for all.

Reproductive Freedom

It is absolutely essential that all Minnesotans have the right to make healthcare decisions about their own bodies, their own lives, and their own futures, and to have bodily autonomy. And I strongly believe that women must continue to have access to full reproductive care, to get the care they need, when they need it, without fear of discrimination, retaliation, or financial ruin, and I will fight for this.

Safe Communities

Our children deserve to feel safe while they are at school, as do each of us. Whether we are at our place of worship, our work, or going to the grocery store, we deserve the freedom to feel safe as we go about our day. This is why I agree with the vast majority of Minnesotans who support common sense gun safety measures like universal background checks and red flag laws. In addition, we must take action on proven solutions to prevent gun violence and hold violent offenders accountable. 

As a current city councilor, I have consistently supported our police department by voting to fund body cameras, add more positions so that our officers are not working overtime, provide counseling and mental health resources for our officers, and I am especially proud that we have added a new full-time social worker to our police department to help address the factors that contribute to crime and prevent it from happening. By working in collaboration, we can achieve safer and more secure communities that we all value and deserve.

Safe, Affordable Housing

Access to quality, affordable housing is a human right. Every Minnesotan – every parent, child, senior, and person living with disabilities – should have a home where they feel safe and that they can afford. Housing shortages and rising prices have created many problems in communities, not only for individuals but also for employers and school districts who have difficulty recruiting and retaining new staff. I will work hard to advance more affordable housing initiatives so that everyone can have a safe and stable place to live that allows them to grow and flourish.