Meet Clarice

Where I Started & How I’m Serving You Today

Clarice Grabau in the community

I grew up in Nebraska and met my husband and best friend in high school. We both studied Biology in college and then married after graduation. After earning my master’s, we moved to Northfield with our two babies. I spent a few years as an at-home mom and then went back to school to earn my teaching license in Biology. 

While looking for my first teaching job, I began volunteering in the Northfield and Farmington school districts’ Adult Basic Education (ABE) program, teaching adults who are working to earn their high school credential or learning to read. I fell in love with this work and the people I met, learning about their experiences, their struggles, and what drives them to work so hard every day to make life better for themselves and their children. I went on to earn a teaching license in ABE from the University of Minnesota and have been teaching adults for more than ten years. 

I decided to run for office after the 2016 election. I was disheartened by the political discourse, the lack of empathy from our national leaders, and the prevalence of misinformation that was dividing us. I hadn’t previously thought of myself as someone who could run for office, but I did and am now a city councilor at large in Northfield. In my role as a councilor and a commissioner on the Housing and Redevelopment Authority, I’ve had the opportunity to advance many meaningful policies related to affordable housing, economic development, climate change, public safety, infrastructure, and the creation of a more equitable and inclusive community.

Why I’m Dedicated to Serving

I’ve dedicated my life to public service, and believe that no matter who you are or where you live, you deserve to feel safe and valued. You deserve equal access to education, economic opportunity, and a sustainable, prosperous future. With my experience as a public servant, teacher, and parent, and my commitment to bringing compassionate values to the state legislature, I will work tirelessly to listen, to understand the needs of our district, and to improve people’s lives.